03.Our Solution

Not sure of your stock levels? Want to improve pick accuracy? Need to manage peaks of activity but don’t want to pay even more when you bring in temporary staff? LWS Reflex can help!


Improved stock control and greater warehouse efficiency are just some of the benefits of a warehouse management system.

LWS Reflex provides comprehensive and flexible functionality to meet your current and future operational needs.


An intelligent, scalable, real-time and flexible system, LWS Reflex provides a simple yet highly advanced software platform for any operation from manual handling to a fully automated storage and order picking operation. Clients can use it as a stand-alone package, integrated with their own in-house software or in conjunction with established programmes from leading software houses.

Clients with unusual or specific industry needs will find that LWS Reflex has the flexibility and features to provide the bespoke solution required. The Graphical User Interface runs on any standard Windows PC and can be integrated with RF-directed order picking and bar code reader systems.


LWS Reflex’s ability to provide all the functionality required for stock placement, location, picking, packing and dispatch is ideally suited to the eTail sector. Able to interface with the client’s own web ordering process and courier software, the one system provides seamless data management and interchange for the entire stock process.

System Integration

Users in manufacturing, engineering and assembly will find that LWS Reflex will readily work with their ERP Systems, including SAP and other commercial systems, enabling companies in these sectors to manage stock, materials and their operation more efficiently and productively. Able to meet the most complex warehousing requirements with complete traceability, LWS Reflex can deliver the same levels of cost-effective performance to the operations across all market sectors.

Analytex Dashboard

Complementing LWS Reflex, Analytex provides full operational warehouse data on screen in graphical, easy to read detail. Its many features provide users with outstanding levels of warehouse data control and management, delivering all the information needed for continuous improvements in service and productivity. Created by the same UK team that develops the industry leading WMS, Operations teams can use the KPI dashboards to quickly identify bottlenecks, reassign resource and check progress. Managers can create, configure, customise and save their own reports, giving unrivalled access to trends and historical information.


04.Case Studies