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Q: Is the system compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7?

A: Yes the user interface runs on any standard windows PC.

Q: Do I need to buy new servers?

A: Not necessarily, providing your existing server/s meet the specification requirements of Reflex, it can be installed on a virtual machine on your server.

Q: Is my warehouse too small for Reflex?

A: No, Reflex is ideal as an entry level system for straight forward inventory management operations

Q: Is my warehouse too big for Reflex?

A: No, Reflex easily scales up to manage any size of operation.

Q: Can I easily import the data I have from my current system?

A: Yes, with the Reflex interface highway, we can easily map data from your existing system and import.

Q: How long is the warranty period?

A: 12 months, with optional extended support cover

Q: Can I use my current RF and Barcode equipment?

A: Almost certainly yes, Reflex uses industry standard interfaces

Q: I don’t want the risk of a Big Bang change, can I move to Reflex gradually?

A: Yes, Reflex can be deployed in layers or as a subsystem.

Q: My warehouse stock is not barcoded, does this mean I cannot use Reflex

A: No, Reflex has been implemented for customers that do not have product barcodes, but you may want to consider implementing product barcoding to further increase stock accuracy and integrity.

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