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Our experts have put pen to paper to help you make more informed warehousing decisions.

When should you invest in a warehouse management system?

For small businesses, the main goal is nearly always expansion. Whilst few firms will ever get to a level...

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Top Tips for Choosing a WMS

Logistex's Business Development Manager - Reflex highlights the main points to consider when choosing a WMS provider.

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Your Questions Answered

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions we get about our LWS Reflex Warehouse Management Software...

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Ansell Lighting Video

Logistex has installed its innovative warehouse management system, LWS Reflex, at Ansell Lighting’s warehouse operations in Warrington and Belfast. LWS Reflex controls the receiving and putaway, replenishment, picking, packing and despatch operations. Since Go Live the operation has achieved significant efficiency gains.

Pharmacy2U Video

LWS Reflex provides full operational management and movement control at Pharmacu2U's automated dispensing facility.  LWS Reflex manages both prescribed and non-prescribed medicines, and provides sophisticated labelling, checking and parts picking functionality. The solution provides the same checks seen in a community or hospital pharmacy in addition to a triple barcode verification process at the labelling stations which ensure the right product has the correct medicine label. All prescriptions are reviewed clinically by a pharmacist and are double checked for accuracy before they are dispensed.